Nordisk Urologisk Forening (NUF)

Scandinavian Association of Urology

Scandinavian Association of Urology (or Nordisk Urologisk Forening - NUF) is an association of the national urological societies in the five Nordic countries:

·        Danish Urological Society (Dansk Urologisk Selskab)

·        Finnish Urological Society (Finlands Urologförening)

·        Iceland Urological Society (Islands Urologförening)

·        Norwegian Urological Society (Norsk Urologisk Forening)

·        Swedish Urological Society (Svensk Urologisk Förening)

The Association was founded in 1956 and has an interesting history, as many of its members have contributed significantly to the development of modern urology.

The main goals of the Association, is to work for the development of urology in the Nordic countries and the co-operation among Nordic urologists. Not only in the field of clinical work and science, but also in the fields of education and training of specialists.

The daily management of the Association is in the hands of the Board, consisting of the president, the general secretary and the treasurer. When needed the Board can consult the presidium, where each country is presented by its Leader and its Secretary.

To achieve the goals as mentioned, there are several collaboration groups, each with members from all the Nordic countries, working in different fields of urology.

The official scientific journal of the Association is Scandinavian Journal of Urology and Nephrology, which is distributed world-wide and indexed in most major index databases.

The more informal communications, like discussions on the development of urology in the different Nordic countries, reports from congresses and symposia, invitations to courses and meetings, etc is published in NUF-Bulletinen.

The most important event in the Association is the Biannual Meeting of Scandinavian Association of Urology (NUF).

The next meeting will be the NUF Meeting in Reykjavik, Iceland, June 2019.

The NUF meetings have always been of a very high standard and very popular among the Nordic urologists.

Communication to the Association should be sent to the General Secretary (address etc under the Board) or to the person or group to be contacted.